The Tale of a Terrible Topcoat…

… and a great colour that was ruined by said topcoat.

New York Color in Grand Central Station, I curse thee! *shakes fist*

The color I’m wearing is beautiful, a deep rose red by Wet n Wild named, rather cleverly, Red Red. I applied three coats, then decided to go balls to the wall and add a topcoat of NYC. I had an NYC topcoat in the past, and it did terrible, unspeakable things to my nails. But, as already mentioned, the balls were to the wall and I wanted shiny nails. They were gorgeous for the rest of that evening, and I hoped to have escaped the curse of NYC clear topcoats. Until…


I actually heard the first chip come off my nails, after an unforeseeable collision with a door. But it wasn’t a fluke… it happened throughout the day, until nearly every nail had some chipping and/or tipwear. Hence the “le sigh”.

Here’s a picture of my nails in all their rose glory last night.

On a happier note, I went to Sligo’s only beauty supply store today and found – of all things – China Glaze! Like, the China Glaze that is all but impossible to find on the island of Manhattan. Who knew Sligo could be such a treasure trove of good nail polish? Me, that’s who. I am very impressed.

Now, I’m off to mourn the former glory of my nails… and decide what colour to paint them next. Ciao!


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