About Effing Time!

I’ve been very lax of late, thinking “ooh, I really should blog about XYZ” but never manage to get around to it. Pure laziness. And moving from New York back to Ireland kinda got in the way as well.


Here are my nails today. I’m wearing a polish called Sheer Blue by W7, a brand I’d never heard of until I came home and found it lying around at the computer, henceforth known as Manicure Headquarters (because I watch old eps of the Colbert Report while I do my nails. Talk about multitasking). Anyway, I tried it and LOVED IT. It’s a kind of blue that belongs to skies and childhood toys. I had to do 4 coats, with no base or top. It’s available in pharmacies (well, Cara Pharmacy in Sligo at least) for only e1.49. Major bargain.


p.s. it’s getting hard to type. I should probably file back my nails but I’m obsessed with the novelty of long nails. They make every polish pretty!

Goldblum – out.


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