Metallic Madness Part 1: Color Club No. 897 Ms. Haute

I’m really feeling the steely-metallic trend this season. In fact, I’ve been an admirer of Revlon No. 907 Steel-her Heart for quite some time after I’d seen a friend wear it a couple of years ago (it was the first steel-metallic nail polish I ever saw). I’d always been on the verge of purchasing it, but then I’d get distracted by other colors to try and the Revlon steel grey would go back onto the shelf for “next time.” Well, two years later, “next time” has finally rolled around for this metallic color. This season, with this metalized color on the “Hot List”, I can really bask in metallic-ness all I want. I have finally bought Revlon’s Steel-her Heart, and any other steely color I can get my hands on for that matter, including this Color Club No 897 Ms. Haute, the star of today’s post.

Now, this Color Club polish is interesting. It kind of hits the trends on two fronts: it’s metallic, but then it also bears resemblance to Chanel Paradoxal as its glittery, greyer little sister.

Color Club

Color Club Ms. Haute

Chanel Paradoxal is definitely more purple. But both polishes share that unusual murky iridescence.

Once applied, however, this lacquer seems to merge Revlon metallic with Chanel murky, creating a more velvety-foil effect that I just love


Color Club with flash.


No flash.

Applying this nail polish is also rather interesting…. and I don’t quite know if I mean that in a positive or a negative way. The formula is a bit thick, almost as if it were 30% dry already (don’t ask me where I got that percentage from- it just sounded good). Now, the con to that is it makes the nail polish a bit difficult to spread, and prone to streaking. The pro to that is if you master the technique of applying it, it dries really fast, and in 2 coats, it allows you to achieve complete opacity. So in order to tap into the pros and avoid the cons of this formula, I made sure I had a somewhat generous amount of polish on the brush- I found it more convenient to have too much product rather than not enough as it was easier to regulate and remove the excess rather than patch up a smudgey application.

I thought this polish was really cool by itself, and I almost just left it as it was. But then I couldn’t resist the temptation to apply a layer of my Milani holo on top, since I thought the Color Club made the perfect holo-base. Here’s the result:

Metallic rainbow!

Color Club No. 897 Ms. Haute, Milani Nail Lacquer No. 509 HD


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5 responses to “Metallic Madness Part 1: Color Club No. 897 Ms. Haute

  1. the holo looks amazing on top of it, must try it out! i actually just bought a steel grey last weekend :P

    • doesn’t it?! it is soooo cool as a base for the holo- the holographic appearance really comes out perfectly- definitely try it out! ooo- i wonder how it would look with that Gosh polish you got?! i wonder how that would look? hmm… maybe the rainbowness would come out as much….

  2. omggg a nail polish blog ? ahhhhhh i LOVE it !!! this is so creative ! i’ll be checking this out every single day !!! ♥


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